Consulting Services

samplingVan Beek Nutrition partners with livestock farms to get the most out of their animals.  Our team of highly educated Nutrition Consultants build nutrition and management programs based upon observation of livestock, attention to the ration, anticipation of stress factors, and proper balancing for nutritional needs.  


Van Beek Nutrition realizes that every farm and every group of livestock require different minerals and vitamins to balance their ration.  That is why VBN Consultants formulate custom rations that are designed to meet the specific needs of your farm.  

Mission Statement:
"To enhance herd health and production through nutrition by providing high quality premixes, custom mineral blends and technical advice with attention to the specific needs of our clients."


     Van Beek Nutrition offers...

  • Ration Formulation
  • Feed Sampling and Analysis
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Record Analysis
  • Veterinary Advice
  • Bilingual Nutrition Consultants
  • Financial Advice
  • Herd Management