Custom Mixing and Blending: Our Mills

Van Beek Nutrition uses the highest quality ingredients to create custom mineral blends for dairy, beef, and swine operations.  Our custom blends are formulated to increase production and boost feed conversion.  We strive to capture the entire genetic potential of your animals by utilizing sound decision making skills and superior feeding and management recommendations.  


Van Beek Nutrition's mineral mills have been custom designed and built with the latest technology to provide the best service for our clients.  Our newest facility in Schoolcraft, Michigan is fully automated with batching and micro systems.  The fully automated mill allows for Van Beek Nutrition to produce the same quality product in the same amount of time, with less man power.  After verification on the computer, the batching system automatically mixes the mineral.  The mineral is mixed by our 80 cubic foot paddle mixer.  The paddle mixer works in three motions which ensures the best blend: counter rotating, folding motion and horizontal motion.  


Both of Van Beek Nutrition's facilities are able to produce 24 tons of bulk mineral per hour and 6 tons of bagged mineral an hour.  The facilities have flexible and efficient pallet racking for stored product.


Our Schoolcraft, Michigan location is enabled with a rail system on our private site.  This allows for much larger shipments of inventory as well as using the rail car as a spare bin for additional storage.  With Van Beek Nutrition's rail system coming through the mill itself, we are able to transload from the rail car directly to a truck. 

We personally deliver all of our product locally.  The premixes are shipped long haul, by common carrier anywhere in the United States.


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Batching System



Paddle Mixer



Railroad Tracks through the Mill


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