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Nutrition NewsflashNutrition Newsflash is Van Beek Nutrition's quarterly newsletter publication that highlights articles written by nutritionists, new or interesting information in the industry, and livestock market updates.  Nutrition Newsflash also reports company information such as current events or new company hires.  This publication is available for current and perspective clients.  If you would like to request your own copy of Nutrition Newsflash, please contact us at 800.346.5311 or by emailing


Our July 2012 issue features articles written by Nigel B Cook, DVM, Mark J Thomas and VBN Nutritionist Elias Bungenstab, Ph.D.

Inside the Issue:

  • The 5 W's of Managing Feed Delivery  Carl Dahlen
  • Management Changes and Swine Nutrition
  • Fly Control  Robert Fears
  • Cattle Lice Can Cause Economic Loss  Clay Wright
  • 5 Nutrition Strategies to Beat Heat

Mission Statement:
"To enhance herd health and production through nutrition by providing high quality premixes, custom mineral blends and technical advice with attention to the specific needs of our clients."

   The Five W's of Managing Feed Delivery
   Carl Dahlen

When we were in elementary or high school, many of us were taught a good way to provide a detailed description of an even was to use the "five W's"...
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   Fly Control
   Robert Fears

House and stable flies are two common petsts in and around livestock handling facilities. Control of these two species is an important part of a herd health plan since these insects often carry and transmit disease organisms...
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