Organic Minerals

Van Beek Nutrition's manufacturing facilities produce organic minerals, meeting local certification requirements. Organic Agriculture is a growing trend in both the eastern and western states in which our mineral premix plans are able to support. The primary goal of oraganic agriculture is to optimize the heallth and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people.


Van Beek Nutrition meets the guidelines for organic production by using materials and practices that enhance the ecologial balance of natural systems and that integrate the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole.


The goal of Van Beek Nutrition producing the organic livestock mineral is to provide optimal nutrition to the livestock, which is critical for maintaining health, reproduction, performance, and organic producer proftiability. Dairy, Beef, or Swine producers raising livestock under certified organic managment practices require products manufactured under stringent requirements to meet this objective. The organic livestock mineral is produced within our manufacturing facilites using approved ingredients to maintain the integrity of the product produced and delivered to your farm.


To learn more visit the USDA National Organic Program



      Benefits of Organic:

  • assurance of the highest quality, locally certified organic livestock products delivered to your door

  • provides highly bio available minerals to support immune function, production, growth, and reproduction; balanced to avoid antagonistic interactions among trace minerals

  • optimum vitamin levels help ensure optimum performance

  • formulated for environmental sustainability, which helps maximize nutrient efficiency, while minimizing nutrient excretion, thus reducing cost.