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Van Beek Nutrition provides swine feeding programs for a range of production systems.  Van Beek Nutrition's objective is to customize a feeding program that matches the performance and financial objectives of our producers.  Van Beek Nutrition partners with swine producers to provide nutrition and swine management recommendations from our highly educated Nutrition Consultants.  Our swine program is based on understanding nutrient requirements and providing them in the highest quality package.  

"Our success is measured by achieving the goals of our partners, the American Pork Producers!"

At Van Beek Nutrition, we are concerned with things that affect feed intake, such as the quality of water and air in your barns and the type of feeders you use.  With this in mind, our Nutrition Consultants design a program that fits your barn.  Your Nutrition Consultant will also stop by your farm to be sure that your pigs are giving you maximum performance. 

Van Beek Nutrition...

  • has highly qualified Nutrition Consultants in your area to work with you on a regular basis
  • has Nutrition Consultants that are your swine operation's ration formulator, nutritionist and contact
  • gives nutrition advice on controlling environmental issues
  • covers feed budgets - try our feed budget calculator
  • gathers information concerning your farm
  • provides veterinary advice from our highly educated Nutrition Consultants and on staff veterinarian
  • provides financial advice on commodities, contracting, expansion and much more